A dental debridement is more involved that just a teeth cleaning.  A debridement procedure is used to get rid of excessive plaque and tarter that has built up on your teeth. This can happen if you don’t have regular dental exams and cleanings. This procedure takes longer than just a regular cleaning.  The Dentist or dental hygienist may use an electronic scaler to help remove the build-up.  A dentist needs to get this plaque build-up off in order to properly address any teeth or gum problems.  After he takes the plaque and tarter off he can then see clearly if there is any tooth decay, gum disease or any other problems in your mouth.  If there are signs of gum disease then your dentist will advise you on the best treatment to take care of this problem.  Of course if any teeth are decayed you will have to have fillings done.  Sometimes a root canal or oral surgery is necessary.

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